A Minimalist Launcher for iPhone.

Stop getting distracted by your phone and let Dumbify help streamline your digital life.

Here's what our users have to say about Dumbify...

Highly recommend!

Love the idea - I’ve already been enjoying the benefits of using Dumbify to minimize the everyday “noise” from the seemingly nonstop stream of notifications.

Perfect app for a clear mind.

This is the best app in this category. The minimalist design is very calming. The UI is very simple and all features are well explained.

I didn’t want this app I needed it.

I was a hoarder of apps, my phone was overwhelming and also addicting. I am no longer stressed out by notifications. Now when I open my phone I feel calm and organized. I have improved my productivity and in turn improved my life.

Really promising

This app is really great considering it’s still in an early version. The creator is really reactive on the feedback and I’m sure it will soon be better than Blank Spaces App for a fifth of the price!

Great app for those looking to streamline cellphone usage

Loving this app! I’m able to streamline and simplify my home screen so I can spend more time doing things that are meaningful to me and stop spending hours scrolling. I love that custom apps can be added and the dark mode feature makes things even more simple / minimalist.

Best minimalist launcher for iOS

Out of all the options for minimalist launchers, this one is by far my favourite. No subscription or in app purchase paywalls, just a one time purchase at a reasonable price. The launcher works well, and the developer was very quick to add any apps that are not yet supported. I look forward to seeing more features get added to Dumbify over time.